Shannon Sloan-Spice, USA January 2020: “One of the most memorable days of my life will always be the day Dave took us on a walking tour of the mythic landscape surrounding Sligo. His knowledge of these ancient sites is amazing, and the way he weaves stories and music together is a magical enchantment. With no agenda, but a general idea of what we wanted to do, we co-created a truly memorable adventure. I so appreciated the gentle sounds of his flute as he played for the us and the spirits of these ancient sites. Our day finished with more wonderful storytelling and the opportunity to hear him play the harp with his teacher. The combination of music and myth was bliss.

Sometimes, one finds themselves at a crossroads and the right person shows up that inspires and offers illumination on a new path. Dave was that for me. The alchemy of his passion for this work combined with the magic of these sites left an indelible imprint on our hearts. This is a man truly following his bliss and his courage is so incredibly inspiring! I often return to that day as my “Happy Place.” Deepest gratitude for our great adventure. Can’t wait to come back again! 

Brenda Kennedy Hudler, USA August 2019: “Dave gave our group a tour of Sligo in June 2019. He shared a wealth of knowledge with us. He is a kind, personable man who is also very talented. We had the honor of hearing him play in a music session and heard him play the Celtic harp. Absolutely beautiful. He helped us to make great memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you Dave!”

Jenny Mangan, Ireland, August 2019: “Dave was our Sligo Walking Tour guide on a rainy August day. He brought us on a fantastic 2.5 hour tour of the city and we thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend him.”

Sue Herlihy, Ireland, June 2019: “Dave was our Sligo Walking Tour guide during June 2019. He was extremely personable and pleasant, firstly, and secondly, possessed a wealth of knowledge of Sligo through the ages up to the present, all communicated in a lively and interesting manner. He shared many ideas of activities and places to visit in and around Sligo. Highly recommended.”